Project Proposal

For my final project for this class I will investigate the rapidly developing worlds of Augmented and Virtual reality and their immense storytelling potential. Augmented reality is technology which portrays reality with added elements to create a compelling visualization of reality and fiction. Virtual reality, on the other hand, is often experienced through a VR headset and consists of a totally immersive alternate reality which a user can interact with as if it was his or her own reality. Together, these two technologies, which have taken gigantic leaps in the past handful of years, are fundamentally changing storyteller’s narrative possibilities by allowing the audience to be placed within the story world.  I will investigate how these technologies are being used to revolutionize traditional media and change how stories can be told in the digital age. I will also research new AR and VR breakthroughs on the horizon and what the future holds for these technologies. I also plan to explore the vast number of potential uses for these technologies that span from healthcare to athletics to military training. I will use reputable technology publications such as Wired and the MIT Technology Review as well as the technology sections of reputable newspapers such as the New York Times and Washington Post to conduct my research. I hope to gain significant insight into these technologies and their robust power to alter our world through this project.