Reflection #1

I am so excited to be working on this website throughout the course of this semester. Within the past two weeks, I have begun to customize my website. I started by changing the theme. Then, I chose a light gray-purple color for the background. With these choices I have made, I am hoping for a simple design that flows cohesively, without distracting from the website’s content. I decided to start by organizing the website within two menus, but I would like to add more throughout the semester. I included an ‘About Me’ menu and a ‘Blog Posts’ menu. I updated the ‘About Me’ page by adding a featured image and short description of myself. I struggled with how much information I should include here. That is something I will continue to think about as I further develop my website. My first news response is on the ‘Blog Posts’ page, which is currently the home page of this website. While there is only one post now, my latest posts will appear first moving forward. When I selected the images for that post, I had the simple design I envisioned in mind. Throughout this semester, I would like to find a way to create a more distinct home page for my website. I am hoping that as I add more content to the site, the site naturally becomes more interesting. I would like to continue to explore different themes that could help accomplish that goal as well.