Reflection 1

This is going to sound pretty cynical, but I feel like I should give an honest reflection of my initial thoughts of webpage creation. It is very obvious that money is what runs online services. It makes sense but it is very annoying at times. First of all, the creator interface for a free WordPress site, at least from what I have seen so far, is not very user friendly. Modification of the page is linked into one area, and all the side bars are a little confusing to follow through. If I had paid for a premium site, I can’t help but feel there would be many more options that are a lot easier to follow. Secondly, I primarily plan to update this site for the class. I am an artist, so one would think that I should promote my stuff of this site. However, that would not be a very good idea because it does not have any publicity. Unless I title the site something extremely “click baity”, it will get minuscule amounts of traffic. Therefore, whatever promotion I put on here will be just as visible as if I hung it in my room. If I was willing to pay, I could have my site promoted so that everyone could see it. I guess the mind set would be one needs to invest to make money or gain notoriety. It is unfortunate, for a space that boasts endless possibilities, money really does drive most of what becomes successful on it. With the resent repeal of net neutrality that only becomes more true. I do plan to mange the site to the best of my ability but I am not super optimistic about its results.