Reflection on my Website’s Progress

I created my domain for my New Media Writing class last semester with the subdomain, For this semester, I created a new subdomain, this website, For each aspect of my website, I have a different WordPress theme installed and currently my aesthetic for my Film 208 class is my favorite. I designed this subdomain to be brighter and cleaner with a white background. My goal for this website is to implement a static front page, where my posts are automatically updated on a “Posts” page, but also the most recent ones are accessible from the front page. I hope for the front page to be informative about what I am doing in the class and what I have achieved/hope to continue to achieve in my media studies journey. I want my website to reflect on current trends by including accents of millennial pink in photos or headers as well as the marble image behind my header. I therefore hope my Film 208 subdomain to represent my voice and style throughout the website with the new updates and the updates that I will further implement throughout the semester.

The content that I hope to post will be a combination of reflection and critique of political news, especially in regard to women’s rights, as well as popular culture news. As a millennial, I feel that I equally Keep Up with the Kardashians as well as what disturbing comment Donald Trump made the other day. I want my website to mirror my thought-process about these news because female millennials consume tend to consume the news this way as well.