Response #1

Alongside the New York Times, I am going to follow Buzzfeed News throughout this semester. I paired these news sources with their different journalistic styles in mind. The New York Times was originally a print newspaper, but now publishes digital articles as well. This is done through their website and their app. While Buzzfeed News is available at no cost, the New York Times has a subscription plan. Buzzfeed News began and continues today as an entirely digital news and entertainment outlet. Aside from news, Buzzfeed has videos, quizzes, Tasty, and other subcategories on their website. The New York Times and Buzzfeed News both publish videos in addition to their articles, but the style of those videos and articles are very distinct. In comparison to the New York Times, Buzzfeed News is appealing to a younger generation of readers. Their articles frequently include pictures and references to other social medias, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Their tone is more casual. As I read and compare both news sources, I am keeping in mind that Buzzfeed News is less reliable in terms of bias. Its reporting is typically more liberal while the New York Times is tries harder to maintain its objectivity. I am hoping to gain multiple perspectives by comparing how the New York Times and Buzzfeed News tell stories of each week over the course of this semester.