Russian Bots

This week I found an article that actually would have been very topical last week. It talks about the Russian Bots and how they work and what trouble they have caused. Apparently, these Russian Bots have really stirred some large scale riots. The example they show is in Texas. A group claiming to be Texan, started posting tons of radical post. These post ranged from Texas becoming independent to anti-islamic sentiments. These statements riled up radical Texans who were all to quick to agree when this “Heart of Texas” said that there should be a protest against Muslim immigration. Another “claiming to be Islamic” group riled up the other side. This led to a confrontation on the streets that was divided by police. It was later found out that these were Russian bots that were causing the “stirring of the pot”. This strongly relates to our conversation last week about hackers and trolls. This heavy trolling behavior ended up producing results that led to real world events. Luckily nothing physical occurred, but this could happen again with worse results. It is really concerning how easily people in the American public fall for this kind of trolling. I think it goes back to the point of the over abundance of extremism and how people are looking for a way to take action, and really do not care how true something may be. The Russians initiating this division seem to work by the idea of dividing a nation. Hopefully the results they get will not be to great.