Secondary News Source

While the New York Times will be my primary news source, I will be paying attention to the Los Angeles Times as well. From what I can understand about the L.A. Times, it seems to be a major newspaper that is similar to the N.Y. Times in that it covers all kinds of news, including scientific discoveries, media news, political happenings, and major news from other nations around the world.

Of course, one big difference between the two newspapers would be that the L.A. Times also focuses on news in the West Coast of the U.S., while the N.Y. Times focuses on East Coast news. This probably leads to differences in news coverage between the two newspapers, depending on what the topic of the news is; the L.A. Times would likely have longer articles on news related to the West Coast than the N.Y. Times does, and vice versa. The main reason I chose the L.A. Times is to look for such differences that may happen between the two sources. However, I believe this doesn’t necessarily mean that either should have biased opinions about news from the other coast. After all, one of the purposes of newspapers is not to spread lies and slander, but to circulate truth and knowledge.