Secondary News Source


I have chosen ‘BuzzFeed’ as my secondary news source I will regularly check throughout this semester. As one of the social news media, Buzzfeed is a global content provider of various topics including DIY, Politics, Business, Health, Entertainment, etc.

It is also an unique and convenient news platform in that it includes lots of social media embeds linked to Twitter and Instagram. It enables an active social media user like me to keep updated on the current hot topics. This high usability was the reason why Buzzfeed has come to my mind during the search of my secondary news source.

There is another unique characteristic of Buzzfeed that has attracted me: its active handling of Internet-native formats. On Buzzfeed, animated Gifs and screenshots of tweets and pins are used as the main visual. It is contrasted to most of the news media platforms that use traditional visual formats like photos, videos and long-form essays. Especially, its use of animated Gifs adds a friendly and informal impression on its coverages by making them entertaining. Accordingly, reading articles on Buzzfeed helps me feel as if I were reading social media posts. For me, articles on uninteresting topics like international politics and economy are relatively easy to read on Buzzfeed thanks to its funny and enjoyable visuals.

Additionally, Buzzfeed seems to be the platform focusing on sharing contents rather than on reporting content in a competition mode. Its quizzes help users to acquire new knowledge and share it with others on social media. As the quizzes expose interesting but unknown content to people in a burdenless way, they are highly likely to be shared and well-received by others. I really appreciate Buzzfeed’s informal organization followed by viral spread of information.