Secondary News Source

For my secondary news source I am choosing to read news on the website Gizmodo.  Gizmodo is a website that covers technology, science, comics, movies, etc.  The focus of the website is on the technological and scientific sides in an easy to digest manner.  I chose this source because it covers subjects that I personally find interesting, those being the technology, science, and movie news.  It differs from the New York Times because it doesn’t discuss politics, banking, or opinion pieces.  I also find that because it covers things in more scientific fields it is less biased in reporting on them.  There is less need or ability to put politics into something such as pictures from the curiosity rover or pictures of Jupiter.  There are political articles from time to time but I mostly focus on the science page which stays relatively clean of it.  Gizmodo also differs from the Times because its much more casual and somewhat comedic tone like an article titled “We Owe a Lot to This Alchemist Who Tried to Transmute Pee Into Gold”.  Although that is a silly title it is an article describing the discovery of phosphorus which is very significant to modern life.