Social Media Marketing: How It Will Permeate Consumerism

For my final project, I’ve chosen to investigate those things in digital culture which I am most familiar with academically, personally, and professionally: advertising and social media. I am fascinated by the seamless interactions between users across the globe via social media and entertainment platforms, and the ways in which these platforms maintain a unique culture, including social mnemonics. Because of its massive, unrestricted network, I believe that social media has morphed and will continue morph into the vehicle through which all demographics publicly communicate, receive news, and absorb advertisements. This vehicle, one that alters with technological advancements over time, was previously occupied through magazines and newspapers, the radio, then television, the Internet, and now through a specified, more personal sector of social media. I aim to examine the ways in which marketing and product branding is most cost-efficient and target-audience-reachable than any other platform we’ve seen yet. I work both as a communications manager for a photo-sharing app that will launch this spring, as well as a competitive media strategist for a political media buying company here in Atlanta. I’d like to use my knowledge through these two separate systems of advertisement (which, in their most fundamental forms, this is simply what they are) and analyze the ways in which marketing is cunningly permeating social digital culture, and won’t be stopping any time soon.