Sunday Response #1


For this assignment, I spent a lot of time experimenting with WordPress to create a site that I would enjoy returning to time and again. Although I figured out how to utilize a lot of cool features, there it could still use some work. A big change was my overall theme, as the new and improved Radcliffe 2 is much more aesthetically pleasing. I also changed my site icon and my title, added a new ‘Welcome, Welcome’ post, added my email to the bottom of the page, changed my font, deleted the incredibly corny stock photo that plagued my old homepage, added a new photo to one of my posts to spice up the home page, and more. Something that I could not figure out was how to create a new page that would be unique from my home page. For example, I created a new ‘Newspaper Responses’ page, but it looks identical to the home page. I will make sure to ask after class about this situation.

In terms of design, I would like to work towards creating a simple and elegant website. One that is nice to look at, yet a site that does not need a ton of upkeep. I also look to have familiarity with the basic processes of WordPress so that I can utilize my experience for future plans. A few partners and I have been working on a website to share holistic wellness, and although we are not developing the site through WordPress, we are using WordPress to host the site. Therefore, these experiences are incredibly valuable.