The Secondary Source

The New York Times is my go-to source. My most trusted advocate for current events, my ever-flowing fountain of information and knowledge. However, it seems only fit to have a secondary source which I can access more readily, so I can compare the coverage of current events from what I would consider highly professional, accessible news sources. Therefore, I’ve chosen CNN as my other informer. Not only is the app well-organized (a big must for me) and regularly updated, but I also watch their broadcast station for about six hours straight every Friday while at work. So, whatever I don’t get to see on TV on Fridays, I can get a recap of the week through the app. CNN is ideal for several reasons, including, but not limited to, its necessary criticism of our tumultuous political state, which is constantly on the brink of danger, and of course, Brooke Baldwin and her sophisticated delivery of all the top news. I considered choosing a less formatted, less journalistic source of news, such as Buzzfeed or Tumblr, however, I decided if I were to view this platform as a primary place for breaking information, I wanted to use one of the big networks. Secondly, I considered choosing a much more conservative, right-winged platform, but I find that I’d rather use something like that as a tertiary source of information, something I’d go to when I’ve already gathered what I believe are the cold, hard facts. A different point of view is necessary for a holistic understanding of our world, but first, I want to figure out my stance. CNN will help me do that.