theSkimm and me

For my alternative news source, I decided to read theSkimm. theSkimm is a daily email newsletter that informs its readers on a variety of news topics, including the State of the Union address and popular culture news, like the death of the former “Glee” Actor Mark Saling who at the time of his death was being convicted on child pornography charges. These topics were featured in today’s (January 31st) Skimm and are indicative of the types of news that the newsletter includes. theSkimm not only makes the news more accessible, but also brings a light-hearted nature to the news. theSkimm always starts off each newsletter with a particular quote that is relevant to that day that could be funny or serious; today the quote referenced how an “emotional-support peacock” are not allowed on United Airlines flights because the other day in Newark airport a woman attempted to bring her peacock onto a flight. These unique aspects by theSkimm are the ways in which it is a different news source from The New York Times. theSkimm targets millenials, females in particular, because it was founded by two female news producers on their couch who wanted to make the news more accessible for millennials who feel that they do not have enough time to sit down and digest the news. Instead, theSkimm gives the news right to consumer’s email, which one assumedly checks in the morning and therefore one can be informed and intelligent about the news. theSkimm has also expanded its brand to include a video and audio break-downs of key topics and interviews with people that will help keep theSkimm’s consumers informed. Moreover, theSkimm now has an app to broad the consumer’s knowledge. However, for this class, I will be focusing solely on the email newsletter as this was the original form of the company.