Tiangong-1 Is Now Predicted to Hit Earth at 7:30pm ET Sunday, Give or Take Up to Seven Hours

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Tiangong-1 was a prototype space station developed by the Chinese  that was put into orbit in 2011 and has come down this Monday over the south pacific ocean.  An article in gizmodo explains how this was nothing to worry about.  It explained how a flow of particles from the sun did not force the station into an earlier decent than predicted and that it would re-enter earths atmosphere around 7:30pm Easter Standard time.  The article explained how although this is a larger piece of space debris it posed little to no threat to any humans on the planet.

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Many people are worried that with the thousands of satellites in earths ionosphere that they will come down and start hitting major metropolitan areas causing major damage and loss of life.  The problem with this worry is that the majority of low orbit satellites are relatively small and fully burn up within earths atmosphere.  Even relatively larger items won’t necessarily make it to the earth, the estimate is that anything smaller than 25-40 meters in diameter can disintegrate or detonate when entering the earth’s atmosphere.  Even those things that look as though they wont burn up can be shot with a missile to cause them to separate into multiple pieces which will burn up on reentry.  No recorded person has actually died from falling space debris that was man made and although humans have only been sending up satellites since the 1960s there are approximately 1450 man made satellites orbiting the earth at this moment.  None of these satellites pose much threat as only those in lower earth orbit are at risk of reentry any time soon.  Satellites in far earth orbit are more likely to exit earth orbit than come crashing back to the earth.  Ever since humans have been sending items into space they have been theorizing how they will come back and how much damage it could cause so it there is nothing to worry about as satellites reenter earth orbit, between the disintegration as they enter and dozens of space agencies tracking their reentry their is little to worry concerning these satellites.