Update and Reflection

I finally decided on a theme for this site, and the one I’ve chosen appears minimalistic without losing creativity, and I have organized it in a way that I find useful and efficient. I’ve named the site “Deep Focus Media,” and included a slogan underneath which reads “where the digital gets critical.” I wanted to keep the slogan vague enough to where it would remain relevant no matter what the latest assignment was about, and yet reflect what exactly I’m doing. The header photo, which is a blurry image, contains the muted color themes I want to use, and I love this one especially as it doesn’t depict a defining city, place, or person. Because the site isn’t really about me, necessarily. Under the menu tab, I erased all of the existing content, and added two lists: Latest Assignments, where they will appear in chronological order, and Archives, where my posts will be listed by month for easier locating if necessary. The newest post will always appear as the homepage, I’ve decided. The background of the posts is a photo of a sunrise that I took. My name will appear at the footer of the homepage, and nowhere else. Lastly, I’ve decided to start including original photos in each post, to make them feel more like a blog, and to add personalization which the site purposefully lacks. The photos will not necessarily reflect the content within the posts, but will instead add an aesthetic to the page (probably lots of coffee). I’m looking forward to making this a holistic blog.