Website Reflection #2

Over the course of this semester, I have used my website solely to keep track of all class assignments. I think that I kept it updated very well by posting weekly blog posts and completing assignments on time. I kept a fairly simple format throughout the semester because I like my work to be easy to navigate and well organized. I did, however, add a food page. Throughout this semester, I found myself actively posting on Wine n’ Dine–a food app similar to Yelp. I wanted to add some part of my food adventures to my website because food exploring has become a hobby of mine that I really enjoy. I added just a few photos (along with the name of the dish, restaurant it was served at, and location of that restaurant) to give viewers a taste (haha) of my discoveries.

I found that writing weekly blog posts about current events made me really think and reflect on what I was reading about–not just summarize articles I found interesting. I enjoyed this requirement of the class because I generally feel uninformed about what’s happening in the world. This semester, I definitely read more news than ever in my life, and consequently I feel more aware of my surroundings. I definitely plan to continue following the news sources I chose (NYT, NPR, and TheSkimm), but I don’t think I will continue blogging on this site. It was a good experience, but I think I’ll take my thoughts and opinions to my daily conversations instead of the internet.