Website Reflection

When I first created my site, I started by trying out a few different themes. I used some minimalist themes like Apostrophe 2 and Independent Publisher 2. But later I found these themes too monotonous and ended up using Dyad 2. Although I figured that this theme was designed for posts like recipes, I prefer more images than less.

I have also changed the colors and header image of my site. I applied a blue-ish theme color to match with the header image I found on Flickr trying to create an overall cold tone for my website.

Moreover, I added a “News Responses” category under the menu for the purpose of finding assignments in an easier way. I tested a few times and finally figured out how to make certain posts go under which category.

I might change the header image again in the future based on the title images I choose for my future posts. I am trying to use images which give a sense of modernness to make the whole website seems unified. But for now, I would like it to stay as it is.