Website Reflection

For my reflection on my website I decided not to change the theme because I was rather satisfied with the layout that the site had.  I changed the site icon to a fallout 4 power armor suit to fit the theme of technology and video games.  The header image I changed to a painting of a steampunk train that I bought at Dragoncon.  I used this because it shows how technology and media ideas, such as the steampunk idea, infiltrates every type of art, including paintings.  I altered the image on the contact page to an image from Halo Wars, another imagining of where technology will take us.  Also, I added two more pages, about and Bar Crawl.  The about page has two parts, the first is a small blurb about me and where I came from.  The second part describes my reasoning for taking this class.  The second page added a description of my concept for a video game I am developing and what I am doing on it at the moment.  On the home page, I created a blog post to occupy the page with 5 quotes that I enjoy from 5 wonderful video games.  I plan on adding a third page later this week that will cover my top five favorites in certain genres.  For example, top 5 classic video games or top 5 modern movies.  This will give a small insight into my thoughts on how media and culture can change our thinking on topics or how they make us ask questions that we otherwise wouldn’t ask.