Website Update 1

For my website update, I added contact information, updated the website design, created a menu bar and created an about page. I have really appreciated the straight forwardness of using WordPress as the host website for my website. Additionally, the community and tips available on the internet to troubleshoot problems have been especially helpful. The biggest issue I have had so far was figuring out how to link my “about me” information to the menu page I created. It was not clear how to add about me information to the menu page I had created but after googling it and playing with the functions on the WordPress website I was able to figure it out.

I chose the theme Radcliffe 2 because the design was simplistic yet creative. Additionally, it claimed to be a beginner level theme, which I felt, would be most suitable for just starting up the site. Given that I have yet to decide what the entire purpose of this website will be, I did not want to choose a theme contingent on the content of the website.

In terms of how I plan to grow the website, as stated before, I am not entirely sure what the purpose of it will be in the future. For right now, I think it will be a good online portfolio to highlight my work. I could foresee it becoming medium to express my opinion on political topics or to display works of art I appreciate.