Website Update and Reflection #1

The first thing I did for this website was try to make it more aesthetically pleasing. I chose the theme that I did for this website because it is the most conducive to blog-like posting, having every blog post show up automatically on the front page. I did this because blogging news responses is most of what I will be doing on this website, and is what will be checked for most regularly. The header image I chose, as well as the background image I chose, are pictures that I had taken myself and found to be aesthetically pleasing and calming, as well as of a color scheme that worked well together.

Functionally, I also added menus for the news reflections and the website updates and reflections, and will be adding more menus as different types of assignments and posts come up on this website. Although my website is formatted like a blog website, posting everything in chronological order on the front page, and does not need menus, I am adding them in order to organize the website and make everything easier to find, should I, or anyone else, desire to find an old post on the site.

As I’ve never made or maintained a website before, these relatively small changes were surprisingly difficult- or at least, more difficult than I had expected. For example, I played around with the menu locations for half an hour before discovering how to make each news response appear as a subcategory of the “News Responses” menu, rather than its own link. I intend to continue playing around with this kind of thing, perhaps even changing the theme itself, in the future to better understand how to efficiently build a website.