Website Update/Reflection #1

For this first website update I chose to focus on selecting a new template with which to organize my website and to select a personalized picture that would make the website feel like my own. I also spent time developing my “About Me” section in order to give the viewer a good idea of who is generating the site’s content. This section is extremely important because it allows the viewer to gain some insight into my vantage point as a commentator on digital media and culture. As far as stylistic changes go, I updated the site’s landing photo to a picture of New York’s skyline. This decision reveals something about me, that I am a proud New Yorker but this shot of mass-humanity also echoes one of the main purposes of the blog to discuss the ways in which mass, digital media are effecting the ways in which the masses interact. Next, I selected the Bakersville 2 theme as my site’s format. This form features the personalized picture but also organizes the blogs’ content in a professional and visually attractive manner. I also plan on adding additional sections to the menu of the website in order to provide clearer organization and a more defined structure to the site. I plan on creating a “News Response” section and a “Final Project” section to give each component their own space which I will populate throughout the semester. I will also continue posting everything to the Home section so all content will also be easily accessed in one location.