Website Update/Reflection #1

I started my website last semester as a compilation of my work that I completed in my Multimedia Journalism course with Professor Tefft. I decided that I wanted to continue building this website this semester in Digital Media and Culture with Professor Allison. I spent some time updating my website and working to make it less focused on just the projects that I completed in my Multimedia Journalism class. I feel that now my website is a platform that can be used to share any number of works I complete throughout my time as a student of media. I changed the layout of my website to integrate my blog posts for Digital Media and Culture with my coursework from my previous class in a way that is neat and cohesive.

I also spent time updating my about page. I added a photo of myself, some personal information, and a statement about the purpose of my website. I also added a section on the home page to provide direction in navigating the site. It explains where my blog posts are located, along with where my projects can be found within the site. As far as the design of the site, I added a photo that I believe encompasses many aspects of digital media in the current day and age and I coordinated the colors.

Throughout the semester, my goal is to further integrate my projects from my previous class with the new additions that I will be adding the the site throughout my time in Digital Media and Culture. I hope to develop my site into a platform that exemplifies my voice and compiles my coursework into one central place.