Website Update/Reflection #1

For the past couple of days, I’ve been working on personalizing and cleaning up my website. I’m into very simplistic and clean designs, which I think is shown through my new page–simple font, simple layout, simple colors. I went with a preset design (I’m not so inspired to pay for premium) and a beautiful picture of a sunflower, which reminds me of my lovely grandmother, who used to grow sunflowers in her yard.

I also added a very general “About Me” page. Although I do think it’s a little surface level, I feel that it is important to know a little bit about an author–especially when following a personal blog. I plan to reveal more about myself through the actual blog posts themselves. However, I have yet to decide how much information is too much out here. It’s weird to realize how comfortable I am posting and sharing on my other social media pages, such as Facebook and Instagram, but not on a personal webpage.

Over the course of this semester, I aim to enjoy the blogging experience and take advantage of a preset posting routine to regularly express my thoughts. I hope to grow more comfortable with manning my own website, as I often long for a way to express my thoughts in a manner that is taken more seriously than a simple tweet or status update. Maybe I will choose to continue blogging after this course–who knows!