Week of 1/29/18

With the internet being an integral part in practically all  Americans every day routine. It is quickly revolutionizing the way way products are marketed towards the public. It’s succession is not only confuses companies selling their product, but even companies regulating these online advertising platforms. In Farhad Majoo’s article, “ Tackling the Internet’s Central Villain: The Advertising Business” he discusses how Facebook’s advertising algorithms influences became very apparent after the U.S 2016 elections. Online advertising is effective because it collects user’s history and information and present the users with advertisements that the user will be more inclined to buying. This is great for companies since it is cheaper and more accurate compared to other sources of  marketing. However, it is for these same reasons The Internet Research Agency, “troll group at the center of Russian efforts” were able to have such a large online influence on the 2016 elections. Majoo states that the online group spent around $46,000 in order to place ads on Facebook that ended up reaching 150 million Americans while both Clinton and Trump spent millions in order to reach that same number of people. Now with Facebook, Youtube and Google working harder to police content that can get monetized there efforts are still trivial to the amount of influence certain posts have. I know that these companies have a incredible amount of information about me and my habits which is terrifying, but with no alternative or actual progress in regulating ads. I really don’t know what to do.