Week of 2/5/18

In Karsten Maron’s article, “Early Facebook and Google Employees Form Coalition to Fight What They Built”, they talk to engineers who have worked for Google and Facebook but have left to educate the public on the negatives of the internet. Negatives such as internet addiction,  its effect on mental health, and its excessive amount of information on people. These employees have created a union called Center for Humane Technology in collaboration with Common Sense Media. They have gone to over 55,000 public schools to spread awareness on tech-addiction. At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about this organization since the internet has become a necessity in everyday life and it would be useless to cut oneself of the internet/ social media. Then after seeing how often I would open Tumblr or Facebook on my phone, I changed my mind. It was almost like a ritual on how I would open my phone, check my notifications and then going to the app to see anything new on my feed. Only to do it again about ten minutes later if I was still doing nothing. I’m in college right now, so imagine the effects on a rapidly developing brain? It also would make sense that Facebook is engineered to be addictive seeing that it profits off of its ads and user information. The longer you stay on the app the more information they are getting from you. A funny thing I found in this article is also that a major contributor to the Center of Humane Technology was Comcast and DirecTV which transformed this organization to a scheme for kids to go back to being addicted to television instead.