This week, probably like everyone else, I choose an article about Mark Zuckerberg and his visit to the House and Senate. In light of all the Facebook privacy issues that have happened recently, Zuckerberg was called up to capital hill to discuss the problems his sight created and ways that privacy breeches could be prevented. The article talks about things such as adopting the Europe system of law when it comes to privacy. It also talks about how certain regulations would prevent start ups and cement Facebook and other currently large social media platforms as basically a consumer’s only choice. I have to commend Zuckerberg on supporting those start up businesses.

All of this being said, it is not what I actually want to talk about. I am more interested on how this whole thing has been unfolding kinda like an episodic media story. Each week there was something about the privacy of Facebook in the news. Some weeks it talked about Russian bots using your likes to recommend certain fake pages to rile people up. Following that, the election scandal that took advantage of Facebook was talked about. It went into the process of how millions of people, whom did not give consent, had their data taken off Facebook to be used for the election. Then Zuckerberg disappears for a while and then is called up to capital hill. All we are missing is a resolution of the story. I find it rather funny that all of these privacy concerns started the week after our talk about privacy online. It was very convenient timing and has allowed our class to have a continuous discussion on the problems that all of this has presented.