Domain Registration and Initial Set-up


For this assignment, you need to sign up for your domain, install WordPress, and begin the initial design and set-up for your website.

  1. Go to the major Emory Domain of One’s Own website ( and click on Start (button on the upper right). This will take you to the Getting Started page. You’ll need to read through and follow all of these instructions, most importantly Signing Up on Domain of One’s Own and Install WordPress.
  2. Go to and sign up for your domain. For this, you’ll need to log in with your Emory username and password. Then, you’ll need an idea (or two, in case your idea is already taken) for a domain name (e.g., and a credit card for the $12 fee. Detailed instructions and screenshots of what to do are available on the Signing Up on Domain of One’s Own site.
  3. Check your Emory email and make sure you got three important emails. Warning: These often end up in your Quarantine folders. These emails verify that you correctly signed up for your domain. You also need click on a link in one of the emails (labeled IMPORTANT!) to verify your sign-up. If you don’t do this, your website will automatically shut down after 15 days. Again, this is all explained with helpful links and screenshots on the Signing Up page.
  4. Install WordPress. Follow the detailed instructions found on the Install WordPress page. Again, there are really helpful links and screenshots detailing everything.
  5. Think about whether you want a separate subdomain for this class. You probably do if you’ve used Domain for another course. To learn about subdomains and find out how to make one, see the Creating a Subdomain for a Class page. Creating a subdomain can seem like a lot of extra effort, since you have to install WordPress and go through everything again. But it can save time later if you decide to add on to your website.
  6. Begin playing around with and designing your WordPress page. The Configure WordPress on Your Domain page explains what your WordPress dashboard will look like, how to adjust things, and how to get started.

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